Tree Traque is a research project lead by Dr. Elisabeth Levac in collaboration with Bruno Courtemanche, Many students have been involved in the project, among which: Andrew Compton, Anabel Laurie and Jessica Meadows. Their input is acknowledged.

Dr. Levac teaches in the department of Environment and Geography at Bishop’s University. She has been monitoring biogenic aerosols (pollen and spores) in Sherbrooke since 2006. Tree Traque will help link observations about the flowering of trees with her pollen observations at the microscope.
She is now conducting research into the health impacts of airborne pollen and air pollution. Ongoing work tracks the length of the ragweed allergy season to see if it is affected by climate change.

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She is also involved with the Undergraduate Bishop’s Earth Research Group (UBERG), which provides students hands on research opportunities:


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