Tree Traque is a citizen science project to which you are invited to participate.

Each one of use can contribute to science through citizen science projects.
Indeed, researchers sometimes need help to collect data to answer research questions. This is the case with Tree Traque.

We need you to track the timing of seasonal changes occurring on your favourite tree!

What date are leaf buds opening? What date are leaves starting to unfold? In the fall, what date are leaves turning red? This is what we want to know.

Why do we want to document seasonal changes of trees?

Because we need this information to measure the impacts of recent climatic changes on trees from our region.

The data you collect today data will be very useful a few years from now to understand the impact of climate change.


The Lennoxville Phenology Project gratefully acknowledges the Tomlinson Foundation, who provided funds used to hire Andrew Colton, a Bishop’s University student, to help set up this project, create the identification key, put together an information pamphlet and so many other things.

We also thank Bishop’s University for their support.

Data Policy

The data collected by Tree TraQue will be used for research and educational purposes (not for profit), and will generally be open access; free to anyone. Ownership of the data lies with Tree TraQue.